Purpose and Vision


Fraser Primary School provides quality education for all students. We implement a relevant and innovative curriculum that develops the whole child.  Students are engaged in a range of learning experiences that actively develops skills and understandings and to achieve success.  Our school values underpin a safe, friendly and supportive environment that encourages students to become lifelong learners.  Our students will be given opportunities to be active and effective citizens in their local and global community.


At Fraser Primary we have a commitment to ensuring: (that)

  • Our school is a safe, welcoming, respectful and supportive environment.
  • Values based education forms the foundation for all teaching and learning.
  • Learning is exciting, dynamic and meets the needs of all students.
  • We have high expectations of all staff and students.
  • We celebrate our achievements.
  • Our school is well resourced with excellent staff, facilities, equipment and technology.
  • A strong relationship between home and school is fostered and contributions from staff, students and our community are encouraged and valued.
  • We are an environmentally sustainable community.
  • We have fun, play and aim to achieve our best.

At Fraser Primary School we:

Support          We care, help, encourage and behave safely

Cooperate      We listen, participate, learn and work collaboratively with each other

Acceptance    We treat others how we would like to be treated; we value difference and celebrate diversity

Respect          We are considerate, respectful, honest and inclusive

Friendship     We are friendly and kind and welcome others into our community

Learning         We accept learning challenges, try our best and reflect on our learning

Graduate Profile

It is our aim to develop students holistically. By the time students graduate from Fraser Primary School they will be:

Academically prepared – demonstrate broad range skills inliteracy, numeracy and all key learning areas

Socially prepared – beempathic, socially skilled and resilient  

Lifelong learners – possess thinking skills, produce quality work, undertake independent learning, demonstrate a strong work ethic and effective communication and IT skills

Effective citizens –be environmentally aware, show a passion for learning and be goal setters and achievers