Languages: Japanese

Japanese classJapanese classJapanese classJapanese class

Japanese is the language taught at Fraser Primary School. The program operates from Kinder to Year 6 and also encompasses school-wide cultural events such as Japanese Fun Day in Term 4. In recent years the program has been enhanced by the presence of a native speaking Japanese Language Assistant from a Japanese University who is hosted by our families.

The study of languages provides opportunities for students to become more accepting of diversity, more respectful of others and more aware of their place in the international community.  Learning a language is a core component of the national curriculum.  It extends their thinking and reasoning skills, enables students to relate to their local society and culture as well as being able to operate globally and it enhances their understanding of their first language. 

All students have one weekly Japanese lesson (K-2: 30-40 mins, years 3-6: 60 mins) in the specialist Japanese classroom.  They have opportunities to learn to communicate in Japanese in written and spoken forms and to learn about the rich cultural traditions, literature and history of Japan.  A two-year cyclical framework of units of work is used.  A wide range of resources and experiences is employed to enhance student learning and understanding including realia, songs, games, art and craft, literature, cooking, DVDs, IWB and iPad applications.

The program may be enriched from time to time by excursions and events such as Japanese Fun Day, movies, Candle Festival in Nara Park, performances by outside groups and visits by Japanese Embassy staff.