Mathematics classMathematics classMathematics classMathematics class

At Fraser Primary School we recognise the importance of being numerate in today's society and we explicitly teach concepts and strategies to ensure that all students develop high levels of numeracy skills.  These strategies will be developmentally appropriate, remain consistent and will be built upon throughout each year level.  The Australian Curriculum is used to guide the planning, teaching and assessment cycle in Mathematics. We explicitly teach and encourage students to develop and effectively use mental computation strategies in all their mathematical work.  Students operate in various groupings during maths sessions, either individually, in small groups, whole class and/or across year levels. We ensure, where appropriate, that students are provided with hands on activities as these experiences give students opportunities to build strong connections to mathematical concepts.

Should parents and carers wish to engage further with maths games or maths activities at home we can highly recommend Dr. Paul Swann’s extensive resources: