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The Fraser Primary School canteen operates five days per week during school term. A paid canteen manager operates the canteen, with the assistance of dedicated volunteers on the daily roster.  The canteen committee are responsible for the smooth running of the canteen under the authority of the Fraser Primary School P & C Association (all of which are volunteer helpers and parents/carers of the children at Fraser Primary). The canteen committee meet once per month to discuss any issues regarding the canteen. All Fraser parents/carers are welcome to attend.

The aim of the Fraser Primary School canteen is to be a self-funding, efficient enterprise providing a range of nutritious food and drink at a reasonable cost in order to develop healthy eating practices.  The canteen supports the implementation of the Health Promoting Schools Policy and is governed by a Canteen policy.

The canteen has a winter and summer menu and conducts a special lunch once a term. As a means to raise funds, the canteen organises a school disco once per term. Parent/carer support is welcomed and greatly appreciated, as a volunteer in the canteen or at any special event.

Lunch orders are placed in the classroom lunch boxes first thing in the morning and brought to the canteen by class representatives. Late lunch orders (orders received after recess) will not receive hot food unless the child is made aware that the quality may be affected. The child will be given an alternative in place of any lunch items ordered if necessary.

Fraser Primary School Canteen has the option of online ordering for school lunches. Please register at if you wish to use this facility.  Brochures are available from the canteen with more detailed information.

If you have any feedback/suggestions with regard to the canteen you can see Kerri the canteen manager, put them in writing and give them to a committee member or leave them at the front office. We look forward to continuing such a wonderful service to all children of Fraser and we look forward to seeing you in the Canteen.

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