iCalendar Sync

How to subscribe to Calendar feed

Using Microsoft Outlook - Windows

  • In Outlook, at the bottom left hand corner, select Calendar
  • In the top menu bar and select tab Tools
  • From drop-down menu select Account Settings
  • In the 'Account Setting' window select the Internet Calendars tab and click [New] icon
  • In the 'New Internet Calendar Subscription' window paste this URL in the field
  • After pasting the URL, click the [Add] button
  • A pop-up window will appear - rename the calendar and click [OK] and Close

Note: If you only download the link and do not subscribe, you will not receive iCal updates

Using Apple Mac

  • Open iCal
  • In the bottom left corner click the + to add a new calendar, rename calendar to school name
  • Select newly created calendar
  • Right click or Control click to open the dropdown menu and choose subscribe
  • Paste the url https://goo.gl/ePtzeh
  • Click subscribe

Note: Optional: Sync apple devise with your iTunes to migrate calendar across all devices

Using Apple Mac – Handheld devices

  • Locate the [Settings] icon and select
  • Scroll to Mail, Contacts, Calendars and click the option
  • In the 'Accounts' selection and click Add Account
  • A choice of options will appear, choose Other; and
  • From available options select Add Subscribed Calendar
  • In the field titled Server place the URL https://goo.gl/ePtzeh
    Click [Next] and [Save]

Using Android

  • Open up and log into your personal Google account at http://www.google.com/calendar
  • On the left hand side of the page select other calendars and select the drop down arrow
  • Select Add by URL
  • Paste the URL https://goo.gl/ePtzeh
  • Click Add calendar
  • To rename the calendar, roll the cursor over the calendar you want to rename
  • Select the drop down arrow
  • Click [Calendar Settings]
  • Rename calendar in Calendar name text box and click [Save]

Note: Sync devices with your Google account to migrate calendar across

If you only download the link and do not subscribe, you will not receive iCal updates