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Bells and Break Times

Our school day is organised as follows:

Start of the day          8.58am music plays for students to go to their classroom ready for 9.00am start

Recess                       11.00- 11.25 am

End of recess              11.23 am music plays for students to return to classroom

Lunch eating               12.45-12.55 pm

First lunch                   12.55-1.20 pm

Second lunch              1.20-1.45 pm

End of lunch                1.43 pm music plays for students to return to classroom

End of the day             3.00 pm

Bikes and Scooters

The riding of bikes and scooters on the school premises, including the car park, is not permitted. Bikes and scooters must be locked by their owners in the enclosure as soon as students arrive at school. The wearing of approved helmets is compulsory.

Book Club

The school receives book club order forms from Scholastic. These are sent home with the children and orders can be placed on-line by the due date. Our current Scholastic Book Club coordinator is Kerri Farley, Canteen Manager. Spare order forms are available from the Library and front foyer area.

The Library also runs Red Gum Book Club with all orders taken online; books are then sent to the school for distribution. Order forms for these clubs are available on the library information table and front foyer. Red Gum run one book club each term.

Each book club supports the school library in getting new resources.

Buddy Program

The Fraser Primary School buddy program is an important and valued part of our school. This program promotes the Fraser Primary SCARF values and focuses on building the social and academic needs of all students. It begins in term 4 when the younger students are in preschool and are beginning their transition to kindergarten. Throughout the term the year 5 students visit their preschool buddy to share in activities such as, having lunch together or participating in cooperative play sessions. The year 5 students write a letter about themselves to give to their preschool buddy to assist them in getting to know their older buddy. This letter is sent home to provide support and encouragement to the younger student, hopefully assisting them to begin Kindergarten with a positive outlook and something to look forward to.

When school commences the following year, the new year 6 students begin their leadership role within the school community by assisting their younger buddy to develop an understanding of what is expected of them now that they are in kindergarten. The year 6 students are given fluro hats to assist the younger students to identify year 6 students on the playground. Year 6 students wearing their hat can be approached by any kindergarten student who needs help. The year 6 buddies also provide support during whole school events to ensure their younger buddy has a positive experience. The year 6 students are given regular opportunities to reflect on their role as a year 6 buddy and identify any areas they need advice or teacher assistance with.

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