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Mathematics classMathematics classMathematics classMathematics class

At Fraser we also recognise the importance of being numerate in today's society and thus we explicitly teach concepts and strategies to ensure that all students develop high levels of numeracy skills through their learning across the curriculum.  These strategies will be built upon throughout each child's education at Fraser.  At Fraser the Australian Curriculum is used to guide the planning, teaching and assessment cycle in numeracy, with support materials from the Go Maths program. We explicitly teach and encourage students to develop and effectively use mental computation strategies in all their mathematical work.  Students operate in various groupings during maths sessions, either individually, in small groups, whole class and in some years, year level groupings.  Hands on activities give opportunities for strong connections to mathematical concepts. 

Further information in relation to mathematics at Fraser will be available in the teaching and learning overviews each term and at parent/carer information nights. 

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