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At Fraser Primary School we recognise the importance of being literate in today's world. We aim to ensure that all students achieve and develop the essential literacy skills to become lifelong learners. Literacy is taught explicitly across the school during a two-hour literacy block in the morning where possible. There is explicit teaching of all strands – reading, writing, spelling, oral language, grammar and punctuation. There is a whole school approach and consistent programming K-6.

The aim of the reading and writing programs at Fraser is to produce confident, competent and independent readers and writers.  A variety of procedures and strategies are used to explicitly teach and guide along with opportunities for practise of reading and writing skills. 

Reading is taught in a variety of ways across the literacy block.  Students are read to every day, they work in reading groups with students of a similar level and are involved in conversations around books and reading.  We teach a number of reading strategies to assist students in their fluency and comprehension. 

Similarly when teaching writing, a number of strategies are used to ensure students develop the skills necessary to produce quality written texts.  Teachers model the writing process to students as a whole class or in small groups.  Often groups will use a shared experience, such as going on an excursion or cooking, to jointly construct a piece of writing.  Students will have opportunities to write independently. Spelling is also explicitly taught using a variety of strategies and students work in groups to ensure their learning needs are met. 

Further information regarding literacy strategies used at Fraser Primary School will be included in the teaching and learning overviews each term and at parent/carer information nights. 

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