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At Fraser Primary School we are always looking for ways to involve you in classroom learning and to share what is happening at school. Each team from Preschool right through to Year 6 has their own blog. Please read below to find out more.

Blogs are important because they allow us to share learning with an audience outside the boundaries of the classroom walls. They provide parents/carers with a new insight into classroom learning and an opportunity to provide feedback to students through commenting . As such, having a blog helps to strengthen home-school partnerships and build a sense of classroom community. Using blogs and podcasts is also a great way for students to improve their ICT skills and gain experience using an emerging technology. Students improve their literacy skills while blogging and it is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn about appropriate online behaviours. One of the most rewarding experiences from blogging is the global connections we make.

Blogs flatten our classroom walls!


Internet safety is of utmost importance to us. Through blogging and other social media, students will have the opportunity to learn about cybersafety in an authentic and supervised setting. The blogs are public and parents/carers are able to share them with their families and friends if they choose to do so. This is what makes the sharing of learning through blogs so powerful but it is also why we have strict safety guidelines to manage content. In addition, each student must have returned the Social Media consent form in order for their photo, video or work samples to be published on the blog.

The following guidelines have been established to ensure the safety of our students when blogging.

  • Only students' first names, photos, work samples and videos MAY be published.
  • Students' surnames, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and date of birth and other personal information WILL NOT be published.
  • Each class will establish blogging and social media guidelines and protocols for commenting.
  • Students will be encouraged to comment on other class/student blogs with teacher/parent/carer supervision.
  • Parents/carers who leave comments are asked to use their first name only so as not to identify their child, eg. Please identify yourself in comments as "Jane – Sally's mum" rather than "Jane Brown – Sally's mum".
  • All commenters must be polite, respectful and courteous. As such, comments deemed inappropriate will be deleted from the blog. The SCARF values students abide by in the classroom also apply to the online learning environment.
  • Our publications are a collaborative effort. While we make every effort to view all comments and posts, please let us know if you think we have overlooked any breaches in our safety guidelines and we will fix it up ASAP.

The ACT Education Directorate is committed to providing state-of-the-art technology and digital learning opportunities for students, which are safe and secure.

Students need to practice their communication and information gathering skills within a secure environment – while still accessing information required for learning in today's world. So whether it's working with the internet or communicating by mobile devices, children should feel safe and not be exposed to inappropriate material.

Our SchoolsNET network provides students with reliable access, which is safe and secure. This includes filtered internet on any device connected to our network, whether it be a school computer or a student's personal electronic device (PED) connected to our WiFi.

Parents and teachers can prepare students by bringing a greater understanding and awareness of safe online behaviours, without students being exposed to the potential hazards online.

Click here to read more about Keeping Safe Online.

Access the ACT ETD Learn Anywhere: ICT for students page.

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Classroom Blogging FAQs

What is a blog?

If you are unfamiliar with blogs, they are online journals. Blogs are essentially websites where administrators (class teachers) can add posts which are displayed in reverse chronological order. There are icons on the side, called widgets, where you can find past posts, recent comments, links to other blogs, and more. We will use our blogs to document the learning that is happening in classes and to connect with parents/carers and classes around the world.

How do I subscribe?

You can access the blog at any time via the school website. If you would like to be notified when there is a new post you can subscribe to the blogs by email. Each team blog has a Follow by Email box in the right toolbar. Type your email into this box and you will receive updates automatically via email.

Who writes the posts on the team blog?

Class teachers are the only ones who can publish posts on the blogs. The teachers write the posts and the students, parents and other people comment. Later in the year, students may be chosen to write guest posts on the class blog. These will be checked by the teachers before they are published.

Who can comment on the team blog?

Anyone can comment. The teachers will work with all students to help them learn how to comment appropriately. Any inappropriate comments will be deleted.

Will students have their own blog?

No. At this time we are trialling the use of year group blogs. Students blogs are something we are open to exploring in the future.

How can parents and family members be involved in the team blog?

We LOVE receiving comments on our class blog from parents and family members. Comment as often as you like! Your comment will always be read and appreciated. Evidence shows a strong correlation between parents' interest in their child's schooling and the child's success at school. Blogging is a great way for parents to be involved in their child's education.

Why do you have a blogging program in your classroom?

We are always looking for ways to involve parents in the learning that happens at Fraser. Blogging is a great way for you to see the wonderful learning happening in classrooms on a regular basis. Blogging also provides students with an authentic avenue to publish work and receive comments about their learning.

How often do you blog? When will my child be blogging?

Each class will generally look at the blog every day for a brief amount of time. There will be at least 1 new post on the blog every week. Students will be provided with opportunities in class throughout the week to comment on the class blog. If they have internet access at home, the students are encouraged to comment from home. Our blogging sessions are always carried out with a strong literacy focus; blogging is an authentic way to teach important reading and writing skills.

Can I opt out of having my child involved in the blog?

Yes. Please contact the school if you have any concerns about the blog. We are happy to discuss all concerns and we can update your Social Media permissions to limit involvement if you wish.

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